What do people find on vacation so great?

2021-08-25 14:03:30 ERIC

I think it brings more disadvantages. Holiday means relaxing for me and use his free time for something for what else is not coming. At the time of vacation, however, only 2 days are only for the round trip and return, which then comes the planning stress. If you are there, it can be quite beautiful but in the end of the effect you can either spill the days by knocking through the sights or you are somewhere in the sun. Then tons of money that goes on it.

For me, the advantages of choose 57% outweigh

See it similar, but also prefer at home Choose 43%


I enjoy getting to know culture. Music, the food, the language, the air.

But I do not leave myself so stresses on vacation and try to bend and break the maximum to get out and plan a tour.

It is with me a mix between lounging and pulling around.


But you just come out of all the trot and you can see something else. And I believe that many are very difficult if you stay in your usual environment ...

It is always the question of which longings you have ...



We travel with the motorhome, so the journey is already relaxed. We have coarse plans and just tingling through the area. Is it IRGendwo especially beautiful, we are longer longer.


I like to see new cities. The travel stress is not so mine, especially because I have quite a fare, but if you can then experience and see so much new things to get to know new people and cultures, ...

The whole day somewhere in the sun To roast and just get up for a new cocktail, but would also be zero. Much too boring, much too risky in skin cancer and also much too hot;)

What do people find on vacation so great?