What happens to vaccinations?

2021-08-25 14:05:43 DALE

According to the official federal government's official vaccine government, the 18-59 järhigen circa 63% were vaccinated. One sees, however, that almost no investments appear more, the other 36% refers to highly likely.

What will your opinion happen with the vaccination refusers or what will the government take? Otherwise the coronathematics will never find an end.


At some point, it will either be too stupid or too expensive if you need to provide a test for every restaurant or cinema visit, or at each event, gym, swimming pool etc. must pay.


This is very difficult to answer and a highly ethical question. Basically, of course, everyone should decide for themselves and his body, but we always talk about a danger for a major part of the population at a pandemic. Nevertheless, vacancies can still be infected and heavy courses in very rare cases. Long-Covid is still a problem, especially for the young generation. One will not force anyone in vaccination in the long run, of course, arisesA certain social pressure, but that's probably the price not to be vaccinated. Except that, of course, people should be, which can not be vaccinated for medical reasons.

My personal opinion is that vaccine is very useful, but the infection can not be completely curb. Quick tests should continue to stay free of charge, because if thereby still detected infection and chains can be interrupted, then these expenses are quite useful for the next time. If no strong mutations occur, then the autumn and the winter time should be relatively relaxed and "normal" for most of the population.


You see that so good wIE no longer appears

There are still around 100,000 investments per working day. That's more than nothing. Due to the vaccinations of young people and restrictions towards unvavings, this number is likely to remain on the order of magnitude or even rising.

But of course it is only ahead of the snail pace. However, if we come to an immunization of 70 percent at some point, that's pretty good. 90 or even 100 percent are unrealistic - or as Kassenärzte boss Andreas Gassen expressed it : "Science Fiction".

What will happen in your opinion with the vaccine refusers



According to the official vaccine domain of the Federal Government, 18-59Järhigen circa 63% vaccinated.

Wrong. This is the share of the total population. The proportion of the implantable (73.9 million) is 72.96%, rising tendency.

It can be seen, however, that almost no emissions appear

I quote from the Dashboard:

On August 23, 2021, was administered a total of 218,709 vaccine doses . Of these, 136,463 doses led to a complete vaccine.
There is currently a daily increase of 0.11%, based on the implantable. Tendency rising, as from autumn, the thumb bolts are further attracted for uncovered.

So your allegations are all wrong.


Nothing because they can not. It should be hard, really kindSpecial areas of unvaccinated persons. That should be massively unconstitutional. I'm curious if only concepts withstand, where some innkeepers are allowed to reject unvaccinated.

It is currently trying to massively move people to vaccine. But you will never bring them all.

A vaccination with such new vaccines is certainly not enforceable and one must also consider concerns to a certain extent. The fact is that you really know nothing about late consequences, you can not quite pathway. You have no proof and can not just wipe concerns from the table. Therefore, the government can sometimes make nothing.

I am glad that we have achieved it at all to 63 percent. That too shows its effect,As you can see ... and as long as my environment and I even protected accordingly and are only excluded from restrictions, I am satisfied. If everyone should have his concerns ...

Corona will accompany us for a long time, but that does not mean that we always have to live with the steak restrictions. An end will not exist at all. Our vaccination quota alone does not really say a lot, because as soon as all the boundaries are completely open and vacationers and commuters flowing fully and without restrictions and masks, we must include the situation of other countries. And because the vaccine quota sees certainly different (whether better or worse is drawn), if you recognize Corona at all ....

What happens to vaccinations?