Which thing has your life changed?

2021-08-25 15:04:16 ELMER

In the positive ^? And how old are you waiting then?


Above all, my accession to the Navy stands out after graduation. On the one hand, however, I was able to study at a Bundeswehruni, on the other hand, the overall my personality has developed significantly further.


I used to have depression, was often under stress, have a lot gambling and had no goals. That was half a year ago. Above all, it was at the school, because I crawled me before this. During the holidays, I turned my life by 180 degrees and was successful. I am 15.


Viewing training - I learned in a VH course How to look confident. (Previously, I quickly looked uncertain about the ground, which generates a certain submissiveness)

breathing technique - had beforeFlat breast / escape breathing, now deep abdominal breathing, which leads to more relaxation.

Civil Service - helped me to become independent and shoulder me in dealing with people (especially nurses