Would you give your best friend things worth 400?

2021-08-25 15:07:03 LAMAR

Now serious, would you?

I'm not sure ...

He said when I say him that I like him, that he likes me and we would kiss happen it, but he does not want a relationship .. he tells me but then talks about friendship, because he is afraid to break something, when it comes to sex but often makes hints that he wants it .. ..

Do not say it In a friendship I love you or ???????

We also cuddle a lot .. etc, he is always looking for the proximity ..

Can I imagine a future with me .. Only before sex, he is fearful .. because of something doing that he loses me .. I've been trying to see him last what he does not want to lose Mcih

He confused MI always think of it?


PS WE develops everything is not wealthy


It looks like he has fallen in love and does not want to admit his feelings , maybe he does not want to jeopardize the current nature of your friendship.

However, you can not buy love.

If you get such an expensive gift, you can also make an expensive pleasure in Abszwang ,

Please ask him for a little birthday wish, which you like and what is priced in the frame.

All the best for you


400 E I think much much

But always depends on

So from 50 EUR I find in friends as sooner a pain limit personally


Yes, I have given my best friends even more expensive things. I am also very wealthy.

Would you give your best friend things worth 400?