Should you only have sex with prostitutes for safety's sake?

2021-08-25 19:01:50 SARAH

If I look at the case Luke Mockridge so I ask myself if one should have sex with normal women at all. For if your girlfriend wants to quite one in your friend later, she just says you would have raped her. Then, without any evidence that there is any evidence, you will be put to the pillory and it is shaped on the presumption of innocence. I heard my mockridges girlfriend only profiled over sex, had some sex podcasts and is stormed by Robby Williams on the stage so he gives an autograph on their bare breasts. And that is at once after years at once, which the Luke has raped her, and thus achieves a giant hype in the media. I think you should only have sex with whores, you live clearlyNnter, what do you think?


If you think so, then you can never have sex again. Even a prostitute can indicate you for rape if you want to harm. The example with hatch is an isolated case and is very rare. When a relationship breaks, this often ends in the dispute, but not immediately with a display for rape. Besides, you are not a prominent that stands in public.


In fact, this sounds like a media-effective protest action. One, as you could certainly happen in South Park. I see it before me.

However, this would be a pity for all the honest women in the world. You too want to get a little love. Otherwise you will be sad. They cry.

Do you want them to wbring one? Do you want that?!


You are not a celebrity, and if your ex would make an ad, no effect. In the case of a dirt campaign in the social media, you can even make a slander and complain about damages.

Mockridge is a person of public interest and can resist much more difficult on the other hand than you.


The rumors would have arisen without sex with his girlfriend.

Should you only have sex with prostitutes for safety's sake?