Do you believe in God?

2021-08-25 22:00:51 JESSICA

Yes Choose 64%

No Choose 36%


I believe in God, I am a Christian. In my opinion, there is well good / convincing reasons / arguments to believe in God:

I believe that this world was thought through and planned, I do not think the earth was "just so" created. Also, there is the opinion that an intervention of God is needed for the big bang.

There are also wonders examined by doctors. If there is no scientific explanation, why a human became healthy, then the miracle is also confirmed. The doctors do not always know that their investigations are for the church.

I also believe in a life after death. You can search on the Internet for "girl encountered Jesus" (without quotation marks). These are reasons to go to God andto believe in a life after death.

I have also experienced things that have strengthened my faith.


but in the way it only in the universe Energy gives on different frequencies and everything is in motion.

And that's why God is the highest energy for me, namely the love / agape. And I help God, this energy, in truth, justice, with healing and healing. And get such a good home back.

I am all one.

It is one in all and all in the one = that you call God with the 1000 names.

There is only energy.

is difficult to understand because you are stupid to consume because of money.


I am a technician and therefore believe in the Wiss"

If there should be any proof for God, I would be shocked, but not completely indozetted, as there are some things that make you a higher power can go out. The easiest example: The Big Bang


from logical consequence.

Although I do not believe in a personalized being but at least the pure . This be pure

was always there, is always there and will always be there. It is imminent and also creative. I think about it ...


Yes I do. I find the big bang or that the earth, the life and everything emerged from chance, as meaningless and not credible.

Do you believe in God?