I'm not clear with the death of my mother?

2021-08-26 00:07:19 ELAINE

I am 17 years old and female and live since the 28.07.2020 in an inobous attendance and was therefore able to see my mother only once a week because that is too secluded .. I'm from home because of my mother because she and I do not have come clear because I also understand myself with my father that since 2018 does not live at home ... Now I wanted on 25.05.2021 at 14:00 to my mother because I had a driving lesson at 14:30 .. but as I'm around 14 : 00 o'clock to her in the apartment, I called my first "Hello Mama!" And first did not get feedback and thought she sleeps openly I see 2 legs and then I'll continue to the living room and see her there on the windowsill and our dog lies just next to it and is sad and I screamed first and sofTown 112 called and then I'm down to doctor's office and got help but I realize that it is aware of that .. and I cried the next hours because I did not want to admit it, but she died of liver failure because she drunk so much alcohol has .. my brother and my dog ​​came with me in the inobcase site and we had to find a new home for our dog but had time pressure and could not find anything good so we had to bring them to the shelter and since then we have never seen them again ... Her name is Susi and she was the sweetest dog I've ever knew .. My brother now lives 114km from me and I live since 31.05.2021 in a WG with 2 other girls that are both 20 and I come with all the responsibility niClear

I do not know what's going on in me .. Today it's 3 months and I sometimes get absolute howl cramps so suddenly from nothing

I could not even say bye and she is with 47 Years died

This image of her will never get out of her head as she was there

I have no friends with whom I can talk

and my father It's also very bad with death

I do not know why I'm not clear that it is death ...

While caregers here or a consultant but with those I do not want to talk about I know But also not what I should do

Can anyone give me a council?


I am very sorry that your mother, even if you alcohol ill, has gone so suddenly and without farewell to you. But you can not change that now and would probably have probably neither prevent nor could somehow influence.

And now you just need a person you can talk to and you can also reinstate at dm you too May. That's exactly what your supervisors are there but there. It is difficult for you to confide you to someone you have no emotional relationship. But even a professional contact is much more important in your situation and more necessary than the whole thing into you.

I can only encourage you, with these people who are now for TueCh bear the responsibility to seek the conversation, even if it costs overcoming. Whether a psychotherapy or a trauma therapy makes sense to you, I can not tell you from afar; But if there is something necessary, that must initiate the people who are just there for you - and also be paid for them.

You can not wait to come to a 17-year-old young woman and you pull the worms out of the nose ..


Even bitter that you were the one you find so. That you have problems with it, I can understand. Not only the part with the "responsibility", because I do not see how you wear responsibility for something at this point.

If you are burdened, attempts, psychologito get help, so you can handle the event well.


Talking is usually the way out of such a situation.

A therapy or a discussion. Also a certain distance and is usually more lighter.

There are also forums or something like a black board of a city, where one meets people in a similar location, with which one can exchange views.

Only alone is growing and continues to grow.


First of all my condolences to death of your mother.

Sometimes it helps to sort the thoughts when you write them. Do you have a tablet or a booklet in which you can write?

Your mother was alcoholic if I understood correctly. Her early death is not a WUNder. The farewelles unfortunately do not run as they know that from the television. It meets a completely unexpected and unprepared. At the age of 17, you should be in love with your girlfriends and do not mourn and looking for a home. That your mother has gone so is not your fault. You can not choose clairvoyance.

Remember the times that were good and preserve the.

Your brother will go as you. Try to find him and get contact with him. You only have the one brother, at least seek to save your relationship, which is possible.

Look at the shelter's website, if you are looking for a master for your dog. Call there. Can be good, you can inform you about his whereaboutsgive.

Your father will have separated from her because of the alcoholism of the mother, not because he no longer loved her. Right now, you should move together and support each other. His reaction indicates depression.

As a way, old woman I can predict you that the first mourning year is the hardest. After that, it will be a little less bad every month. The grief and the memories change. They lose their top and you can bear better.

Try to organize something like a family reunion. Maybe you could meet a cocoa or on an ice cream. It would definitely do all well.



Here are fundamental tips to deal with the situation:Grief is different in people. You can talk to a person. There are on the internet and the phone free pastoral care. You can also go to a psychologist.

I'm a Christian. Faith helps many people in grief. God loves you. If you want to know a lot, which convinces me that there is God and a life after death, then you can e.g. Questions or go to my profile.

All the best

I'm not clear with the death of my mother?