I think I'm too stupid to life?

2021-08-26 04:01:40 ALEXIS

No idea.
In addition to the fact that I have read too much on derealization and they really have now because I have probably listened to me,

I'm too stupid to life. I am always looking for negative things that could make my life more difficult for me.

Actually, I'm a pretty happy person but I'm scared that this feeling will never go away.



Do not pull yourself down with things that may possibly be

LUCK is of course not self-evident

You can not do that Patten, -man must be grateful that you have lucky feelings, and also feel the senses of happy-being

Maybe you think too much about life

There are always life situations who need to master, and who are not always easy

I speak from experience

but is important that one will end up stronger, and then luck very extreme ...


For such a case there is also a natural solution here. Names "natural selection". ;)

to DIseer point I refer to the quote from Hanry Ford:
"Whether you believe something can or can not be able to give you right in both cases."

Hope I quoted him correctly XD

I think I'm too stupid to life?