What has changed after you have accepted?

2021-08-26 05:00:36 TOMMY

Hey guys,

to all who have successfully managed to take off and their desired destination have been reached.- Congratulations

What has changed since then?

Are you positive? , Open if you talk to others?

So what has changed in your charisma?

Thank you: -)


I think my self-doubt did not necessarily take off. But I feel more comfortable in my body and among people. Only there is good and bad days .. where I still do not like myself .. What is more of my psychic diseases and my lack of self-esteem ..

I think I think it is also pleasant to stylile me in general and to wear. Although I do not like so belly-free tops or skinny jeans .. but I think that I just got looser with my body. Even if I do not necessarily hungry and not every day mega healthy eat. I have normal weight and would say a little curvy. But I like me like that :)

I think..klar I could become thin. . But that's not meRT. Normal weight and healthy enough for me.


The only thing that has changed is my weight and my self-perception, but I now do not take more positive, but even more critical, since I am forced to feel something too " Keep "what a) does not correspond to my nature and b) does not ideally be ideal anyway.

What has changed after you have accepted?