Grab guys?

2021-08-26 05:00:58 DELLA

Huhu :)

In my class there are couple guys who love us girls often. My BF has suggested as punishment to steps where it hurts - do you just do that justified? And have you done that already in response to grave?


You, how about it, if you just miss this disaster on two legs just a fat baking pipe if you do not stop accepting your limits? That would be pure self-defense, then I would talk about it with the appropriate teacher and then that will be sanctioned again, so that this will learn to learn that something is not in order.

Why do you think you have to tolerate that?




So if these guys do without your permission then I would, I would not matter to me right now It already said your BF where it hurts very much or I would give you a baking whistle and definitely your teacher must tell you or any adultN because these beeeepes need really "a bit" understood.

I swear you just what you really defend this hmmmmms it will endure it: 3

PS: I hope you give you one Kick in the so-called non-existent eggs