Why do not many people believe in God?

2021-08-26 07:02:49 THELMA

Our existence is so complex because there must be a creator.


Not all municipalities are the same top.

Therefore, I think so far because of the ground staff, atrocities in the history of the church, etc. Consequences: Traumatas with their stress disorders, disappointed His etc.

Really God-believer was never here, but the UN / faith is made dependent solely on the behaviors of the churches.

What else is that you get suggested, It would be stupid if you believe in a god. And you do not want to stand as stupid, where you prefer to get into the not stupid, but smarter train of science, so as not as stupid. Maipulative suggestions appeal to our needs, how just not to stand as stupid

that in realEven intelligent scientists are the believers are more irrelevant.

I stupid if you fall into such suggestions and can not unfold its opinion freely and closes from the outset, no longer is open for everything.

Each unbelief, as well as faith, has in principle his own story, so that one can only lead here some reasons why that could be so without raising a claim that it is described in all unbelievers as described ,


Many are just overwhelmed with the fact, which maybe whatever we can not see and hear us. Some maybe just can not believe because you have too little evidence or you can experience it first / seeto believe.


The one thinks so the other so. Every human being can have disagreements. As long as you live in peace, I do not care if my best friend does not believe in a God.

But now more closely on your question I would spontaneously say it maybe it's because many people do not worry about themselves the world or across the universe. We know everything is its beginning be it water, minerals or whatever there is the question if everything has a beginning how was the universe aroused? Many say they were out of nothing, sounds more than stupid for me. From the "nothing" there is no big bang. What is the beginning of the big bang? Or otherIt formulates who triggered the big bang? And if it has a person / god that has triggered this big bang and created life then my question would be how damn powerful must he be that he can simply create a universe without that he fell heavily?


Our existence is not only complex - but sometimes quite complicated and impractical. However, the creator has to have thoughtless ...


Only because our existence ... so "complex" is for us humans, that does not mean that there must be a God ,

At the moment she is perhaps, yes.

But we are already researching and doing and doing.

At some point we will have solved this righth and the answer will be solved themselvesHe is not God :)

Why do not many people believe in God?