Mega quarrel with friend, what now?

2021-08-26 07:03:23 ROSALIE

Did Nen Mega Strit with my friend, he hit me and I hurt him, he has broken my cell phone, how can I do that again?


So first I would wait until tomorrow until he and you have calmed down something. Then I would just try to contact him and apologize and ask him if you can not talk about everything again in peace. Tell him that you were so angry that you no longer knew what you do and now it's very peasant. If everything works then you speak again personally about it and looks together what you can do better next time.


Separation sounds like a good option.


Without knowing what it was about, and how your dealing is otherwise that way, that's no one,


It is best to finish that between you notbe Sser

Mega quarrel with friend, what now?