Will the Taliban forging plans for bad terrorist attacks in Europe after the sei

2021-08-26 07:04:18 FLORA

Now they have achieved everything in Afghanistan what they wanted. Time to attack the West? O Do you give the Taliban satisfied Afghanistan in power?


I suppose they are first of all concerns their people to kill and then each other. Remember that mostly not educated people are those who would be governmentable according to our standards but about the most primitive root wreckers. The tribes will fight each other as always and at the same time against the IS and against still existing resistance groups. So almost everyone against everyone, but always for some such an "Allah".

As long as they should lead to each other war, it should be right so reduce themselves.


The Taliban are interested in keeping their rule in Afghanistan and not again in to be bombed the substrate. They have no interest in EURopa to apply against him.

From that, we are not their enemy picture. These are especially the Americans and because of the treatment of uighers in the near future very likely the Chinese.



9 out of 10, absolutely not.

The Taliban (and 90% of all other Muslim terrorist attacks) kill each other, not us.

The urge to get rid of them as "a threat to America / Europe" is mainly from the fact that they demonstrably "a threat to other Muslims, not for us". Then, the media sensitize the 1 out of 10 as a significant and concentrated threat to America / Europe (which is not proven) and collect the advertising revenue.

Check itself. SClean all the 20,000 annual deaths of terrorists meticulously recorded by the Islamic Hate page "Religionofpeace". I did it. In 9 out of 10 cases, death is due to Muslim-against-Muslim attacks (domestic terrorism), not violent "International" (death for America, international terrorism).


The have not reached nearly what they want those who are not recognized as a government and is not quite afghanistan conquered. In addition, those who do not attack the West because they know that they will then get away again and those who want to keep power in Afghanistan. Besides, the rather from IS path-bomed ironic white

Will the Taliban forging plans for bad terrorist attacks in Europe after the seizure of power in Afghanistan?