Would you go to a shop where it is only allowed to be vaccinated or greeting in?

2021-08-26 08:02:30 DAMON

Question is aimed at all whether vaccinated or not.

So I'm honest not.

I am vaccinated and recently saw such a shield.

Of course everyone can choose themselves I personally support soetchs.

Yes, I am vaccinated choose 58%

No, I'm unvoved choose 24%

No (and am vaccinated / recovered choose 12%

other opinion. Choose 6%


It depends on whether I need something from there.

If so, I go in if no, I do not go.

Basically belief I, that we can hire ourselves in autumn that "almost" all the shops have to hang out the 3 or 2G shield.


As a liberal person, I approve of the shop owner. And for me it is safer.


As a rule, our politicians have set up these rules with 3G or 2G.

For the retail trade now also counts Not and when the time has come, then that is at our politicians and not the dealers. They are looking forward to every customer who buys something, whether vaccinated or unpavated. With us in the insideCity has gone bankrupt since the long Lockdown in winter and spring.

For me personally, this is not a problem, clearly I like to bummle through the city in good weather and go shopping, but if that is not possible as last winter and spring, then I just buy online a. Thanks to Amazon, eBay, Zalando, About You and many many other online shops is no problem. You can get pretty much more online and often saves money, because much in the Onlie Shop is cheaper than in retail.

And even in other areas there are enough possibilities, one does not necessarily have to go to the restaurant, one can also be ordered and delivered thanks to Lieferando & Co.


then DIE BUDE without me.
Finally, their turnover on those waiver.


Really stupid that it has already come so far. In the end, they horrify their customers anyway. But one thing is that vaccinated or recently could still infect each other. It will not be very effective

Would you go to a shop where it is only allowed to be vaccinated or greeting in?