Is Islam really the true religion?

2021-08-26 12:01:33 PEGGY

Because many convert to Islam I hear many that it is the truth What do you think

No Choose 86%

Yes Choose 14%


I do not think.

As far as I know, Islam assumes that the Bible had been falsified. But there are scrolls that hand over texts of the Bible. These scrolls are over about 2000 years old. These finds show that the Bible has been well and reliable. However, it is not proof that the Bible has been falsified.

You can deal with different religions and compare them. Then you can come to a result, which is the most convincing. I also dealt with other religions and accordingly considered to change possibly. But then I found stuff that convinced me of Christianity and have remained with my religion.

I gladBe to God, I am a Christian. If you want to know a lot, which convinces me of Christianity, then you can e.g. Questions or go to my profile.


Just because many say something is not that it is right. Take Europe in the Middle Ages, almost everyone was believed at that time Christians, that's why Christianity was far from being. In addition, the Islam has many followers, but with a view of the world's population, it is a small part compared to the rest


What the others think does not matter. There is no "true" religion. This is different from person to person. If you believe in it, it's the true for you. If not, then not. For me it is, for example, the right thing


I did not know that many convert to Islam. To my knowledge, the faith is growing the fastest, the atheists and agnostics. Presumably, this is actually the true worldview. But I find the number of believers a pretty bad criterion.


There is no general truth. The truth, says an old proverb, is in the eye of the viewer. She is determined by our perception and how we record and process them.

What I can say with absolute conviction is that: no person, no group and, above all, no faith can complain for a general truth.

Is Islam really the true religion?