What is satisfaction?

2021-08-26 20:01:34 ANDREW


Today I somehow read only good questions here - how, so the website; -)

Define satisfaction is not so easy.

Could you say: the condition in which one's own mind is when you satisfied one or more needs or wishes.

or less stuck: You can use everything and everyone satisfaction If you only want it.

You are hungry and buy a Breze? Then you may be sick afterwards - and satisfied with it. If you are not enough, are not you satisfied.

A new mobile phone model comes on the market, but you do not buy it? Why, too, because you are completely satisfied with the functions and appearance of the old.

YouHave an urgent question that torments you and busy - and get an answer that will ride you from the chair because you suddenly make everything clear and you finally look out? Then you are satisfied.

You sits on the beach, a cocktail in your hand, look at the setting sun and think: "This moment should take forever." Then you are satisfied.

In the end, satisfaction is a feeling: "Now it is enough for me, more building I do not." A condition in which you do not need anything more like right now.


The setting, agree with what I have and what goes beyond as stress.

Only my definition!


Happy, or agree MIt has what you have and do not feel great need more.


King Gilgamesh von Uruk


The precursor of happiness with all What you can have, u is u.

The Happiness Gonner is more learning.


The opposite for dissatisfaction.

What is satisfaction?