Would you like to see the world from the eyes of your partner?

2021-08-26 21:03:01 VERONICA

Let's take on, you make great progress in transplantation and could then give other people parts of themselves (almost no rejection reactions), would you then exchange something with your partner? So, e.g. swap the eyes with the partner, as much proof to see the world from his view (symbolic).

Is a very futuristic thought I admit.

No, um choose 74%

Yes Horny idea Choose 26%


Well, the eyes only make a difference ... apart from a few exceptions. So no, that does not do much.

"Something with other eyes" is not a physical statement but has with the attitude, opinion and experience ...


That's exactly what I consciously do that again. I am pretty empathic and understanding and this allows me to be able to put me into others, not completely but quite largely. In things where I am similar, this can of course be better as well as where I am very different. For me, this ability and effort is about every functioning and loving relationship.


My wife hasBetter eyes than me, but I would not undergo any surgery that is not necessarily necessary.


What is that for a nonsense?

You have to swap your beings with each other to see things with the other's eyes. The exchange of this gel-like liquid with fibers, which is our visual instrument, does not change what we see and see it. It could be at most that one of you do not have such good eyes as the other.


not at all. United by individuality.

Would you like to see the world from the eyes of your partner?