Opinious family opinion?

2021-08-26 21:07:19 BENNIE


I would like to get the opinion of an objective view on this way. The following text does not have to be read but I'll tell something about the history to better understand the topic.

Short to me:

I am 19 and now for 5 years as a woman-to-man transsexually Geouted and since then in a youth facility. My parents have never supported that, accordingly, I get the testosterone only since I am 18. So for a year.

My parents are both borderline ill. In the screenshot you can see the chat course from my big sister, with which I have hardly contacted for about 2 years. (1x seen in the last 2 years, for family meal. Otherwise no contact)

was triggered, becauseI quarreled my sister. My mother told her a lot, which made her mind. Then I asked her if she does not want to know my point of view before she forms an opinion at all. She said, "No, I know you and only need to count 1 and 1". She says that, although she has no contact with me for years. When I was 15, we had very good contact and the picture has you WSL. Still of me but you change with time and you will be self-employed. She does not understand that and I made it clear.

My entire family (except my nuclear family) has "excluded" because a transgender does not fit into a witness of Jehoha's family. Everyone except my brother and my father get itAlso not to address me with male pronouns. My mother tells friends from Bavaria, that I had ("Sarah") Currently lovesicky because of my friend (I had a few weeks of love and a friend ago).

I've always thought that you still create it to address myself as a man. Have always shown understanding, after all, my family is very religious and must be able to process this first that their daughter is suddenly a guy. But now are already 5 years around and then I read something like that (screenshot)

Everything in the screenshot is lied. My mother is constantly writing to me that I should take care of this and that, whereupon I ignore her or tell her 100 times that I have everything under control alone. DadOf course, she thinks that she always has to go behind to me, although I'm in parallel already self-employed.

My mom helped me clean when I moved out of my apartment.

My sister has always taken me in Shuts because I was with 15 Depri and had myself of myself. My parents never understood that why they accepted a position for me.

My girlfriend has PTBS. I met her in psychiatry. My best friend is also transgender. That's why "disturbed people". From March I start studying, before I was mentally unable to work.


Hello Lemonfitzek,

People like you are in a special life situation that can hardly be tracked by other people or even understood. Here to make expectations of your family in the sense "Understanding for me" is probably too high. So you will have to accept yourself, because you can not change anyone. I would not want to belong to a religious community that have a rigid and Bible distinction of God and Bible-proof man image. If you believe in God, guide you to the love of God and let him lead you.


It would be about the time that you do everything is financially and emotionally independent so that you can live your life as you do it forCurrently holding. Give yourself with people who accept you as you are above all as you want it.

It really does not bother his head because of people who do not respect you. It really does not matter if your family or sunder is ... The time is not worth ...

I have just as relatives. I do not have contact with you as well as I think as other things about certain things ... You can not respect other opinions and react very negative .... It is not possible to expect you to understand my view. You can not do that. The only thing brings is to keep distance ...




Because a transgender is not in a witness of Jehohas family fits.

Interestingly, JW Org does not comment on this topic (except a few news articles).

"Disturbed people".

Also apostats are mentally ill, says JW Org: Apostates Are "Mentally Diseased" , that's a popular phrase.

My parents are both borderline ill.

This drastically lowers the chances of changing their attitude. In combination with your faith to 0.01%.

Live your life in the world and with nice world people who take care of how you are. You can not do more ...


You will have to tell your family that you can only contact them if they treat you respectfully. Search friends and support from outside the FAMilie, it will be your easier, fall to accept, if you clear, what's going on and what is not.

It is important that you use careful therapeutic help and find friends who accept and respect them as a man.


You have my compassion. Who has such a family needs no enemies anymore.

You can really be proud of you.

I wish you all the best.

Opinious family opinion?