Why is finished food so overpriced?

2021-08-26 22:01:24 KARI

Whether North Sea, Pommesbuden, McDonalds, Burger King ..

A menu for 15 € in a restaurant I get for 3 €.


More costs = higher prices = less customers = even higher prices.
Idiotie, but ...


Of course is one Restaurant, whether fast food or a normal inn, considerably more expensive than cooking. Of something you have to pay rent, electricity, heating, and above all the staff, the chefs, waiters, cleaning forces, etc. finally do not work for free.


Personnel costs, effort for rent, electricity, etc.

A little profit should fall off.

Instead of Fastfood I would eat better Go.


You have less effort and a seat. But cooking himself is healthier anyway :)


in whatFor a restaurant you get a complete menu for 3 €?

So I think, for the price I would not even want to drink the tap water, because something can not be right with the quality!

Or do you mean a company restaurant, colloquially called Canteen? Buying at very different conditions and are subsidized by the employers, since you often get the main course and a dessert or salad at the price.

Why is finished food so overpriced?