What are Pro and Contra a breast augmentation?

2021-08-26 23:01:10 CAROL

My breasts are quite small and I'm already thinking about it.


Hello Ayokobier,

The chest is a focus on femininity and thus a very intense expression of femininity. The more prominent it is, the more expression suggests them.

And so the breast is also a focus of femininity in the perception of people. It depends on the people how this perception is intensified over a size - or even in less size very intense and thus focused on the chest itself.

That may be for a rather prominent chest that this prominence should have in size, speak.

But in the perception, however, it may be too much of this, technically spoken a clanking factor - and thus lose intensity.

The measure is always the measure Size that has a SELBST achieved and an expression of ourselves is.

Physiologically and medically technically this is very much with implants. There's on the implant itself, but also how it is "built in", as it is tolerated with the body otherwise.

Since it has already been reported by implants that had hurt, maybe Not properly implanted. So it is important to find the professionals who understand this and too.

That may not always be simple and clear: Disadvantages and advantages to recognize.

Generally, the chest may be like it is: always big and in its own expression, independent of any expectations and whether they reached someone or less achieved.

withMany love greetings


Pro: You have larger breasts and that may help your self-confidence and you feel probably wonderful in your skin

Contra: It Costs a pile of money, it is a non-underestimated surgery procedure, (to get the blind bowelf removal is kindergarten against it), it is not certain that you are satisfied with the result at the end. It is usually looked when breasts were made ...


I think other answers have already helped you, so I want to say that men like little breasts even if it sounds funny, Not everyone but many :) Good luck


Pro: The only thing m. M. n. Pro is that many women afterwardsIt is satisfied and find that you look better.

Contra: You have to rewrite the breasts every few years, so replace the silicone by a new one, because the silicone hardens after a while. When you get pregnant, the breasts become greater, that is, then you can suddenly choose a basket size K or M for 1-2 pregnancies.


Maybe after a child, otherwise you have to Screw again.
And as soon as it looks artificial, the men race away. Dear not too much.

What are Pro and Contra a breast augmentation?