Is it unmodnamping and shameful when you go on vacation with the family and cook

2021-08-26 23:05:57 JAKE

We as a family love it when we sit on the rest stop there on free tables and banks and eat. We have such small gas cookers, sausage, .... with cooking even the coffee. Make it like Piknik to be fed up.

But everyone looks at us, as if we were doing something illegal. The motorway police drove past once and looked at us funny.

Is it unmodern and should one be ashamed weighing on the resting area a kind of piknik to feed us instead of eating in the expensive highway restaurants?

We prefer to do that in Austria, W Express who have a very nice resting there and all are very clean.


This is by no means prohibited.

will soon become even more if the E-cars need a few hours for recharging.



There are nothing better than a own snack

The over-controlled turkey schnitzel out of the rest stop can eat who wants, because I prefer to get my gas cooker out.


We do That even for longer trips. Right with tablecloth and everything. We do not cook, but we also make an extensive picnic.

Always make economic latches, in the "free" area. So not on their terrace.

Since my grandma is hindered, we have to go to a farmed rest stop.


Heyy Lukasmina!

That's not forbidden! Everyone can picnick on a resting place as long as he does not bother anyone. Just ignore looks from other people.

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