Inner conflicts, symbolizing through my hands?

2021-08-26 23:07:08 JOHNNY

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Already pretty long 'imaginary friends', is so that there is 'persons' or rather to existence or presence in my head, with whom I talk very often if me It's boring or when I'm sad. Now it is so that I often want to solve problems, so to speak with a second I talk. So with my right hand (who has nothing to do with the imaginary friends)

(I know that sounds funny but the left hand then symbolizes the one side, which hardly tells something and the right, mine Turning by hand, is that rather common comments from herself. So as the hands belonged to different persons or something) ...

But now it is so that the "right hand" is not at allBut sometimes, if I am sad and think about these two sides, too, also "speech" with them, then I'll be extremely angry and hit my pillow or the wall when someone comes to my room, either I scold the Person to her should go out or I'm doing anything like that. The "right hand" (or side) is quite common to me in general. I've beaten myself couple myself (stop the other arm, sometimes face, is not as bad as it may seem now) but I always write that to the right side. When they act together then the left side is always the one ends in the end let me in peace or something.

I know that sounds like Humbug but I have no desire with my parents ZU. Talk (especially because of beating because I'm mad at myself for a little bit for little things and feel guilty though the left side knows that I do not have to blame at all, whatever that may have been.)

And I do not believe that bad enough is that I waste the time of a psychologist (or just my parents).

Is it any one similar? Especially for any 'exercises' or something that I can calm down when I'm so angry again.

Sorry for the long text



But it is not a say * What I told Here Please believe me Tell me for at least 2 years and have a way to find help here So please take me first, yes?


Each of your hands plays a role in these plays. Each hand is an actor.

Every actor on a stage is aware that he is not himself what he plays there.

But he can learn what to learn from the roles for himself to master it.

Game times your role-playing games with 2 cuddly cuddly and play that every cuddly toy learns from the other !!!

The left must learn more to use for justice. And the right must learn to be politely, pay attention and goodto give, to succeed.

And you play !!! Only the rolls, without !!! to be it yourself. And only learn from it.

Inner conflicts, symbolizing through my hands?