Which party will be on the toughest against China?

2021-08-26 23:07:36 FREDRICK

China is governed by a catastrophic government in my opinion. I want to choose the parties that draw this problem in the foreground.


I suppose green. Because of the human rights violations and strengthening German research.

FDP would be the 2nd best candidate because they are for nationalist growth in Germany, but on the other hand, that would be many money through the savings in the use of the Chinese industry ( Cheap Steel and Co.) Many German companies and thus enjoy the FDP. On the other hand, the German market suffers from such Chin. Dumping products. So I'm unsure at the FDP.

CDU & SPD I cant in a pot. Both too corrupt and lash to face the Chinese. Nice to hang the flag in the wind.

The left I would trust it because of their reputation for peace etc. (and because of human rights violations)On the other hand, China is now the 2nd to 3rd largest military power, and everyone knows that they put additional funds through their economic growth in their army. Some Linke also look into the Chinese but also their Archmarxist Buddy.

The AFD I would also trust it because it is for strengthening the German internal market. About the FDP only in dumbers and fanatic, but economically with the same goal.

In principle, I see only Greens, FDP and AFD, possibly also left. However, the last two should apply as an unutterable. The good pages you have are better at other parties (green> left, fdp> afd).


The VR China is a world power. Has brought itself alone at the braid from the misery. Who centuriesTLANG was lowered as China, also has the right to share. I find the politics of China (from which view) quite reasonable. It is diplomatic and skin does not roughly. And compared to the US or Germany, China has greater achievements. In the 1960s, 6 million Chinese died of hunger. Today every Chinese has to eat food, a roof overhead and good medical care. In science, industry and military technology, the VR China is absolute tip. That will remain the next 50 years. We will have to get used to it. Also in the SF films, novels do not save the AMIS the world, but the Chinese.


In China, you can not choose! So it does not matter which partyYou choose in Germany! Are two countries!

In Germany there are more important things to take care of the parties, such as the gender ...

... or take care of , like the too high taxes, the too high rental prices, etc.


I think that everyone will be similar or not at all, as we are now dependent on China and hard progress Trading or so can lead.

See Australia


It helps only one. A new party found. Probably the 72nd German party. Name: ACP. The antichinapartei. The abbreviation is probably not yet.

Moreover: What should the party exactly do? The interference in the internal affairs of other states isinadmissible.

Which party will be on the toughest against China?