Penis growth?

2021-08-26 23:10:00 DELBERT

Hi, I became 17 years old yesterday and my penis is between 16.5 and 17cm. My question is, can my penis still grow? I have a good bartenstry, but there is still no one. Am also out of the voice break out and 1,70 tall, can I still count on 1-2 cm or will not happen anymore?


Hello Michael456795!

Rare can happen, but would not be good.

Many women reject 17 cm or more

The clear majority wants at least a little less

Beautiful Day


I'm 52J Liege at 19 cm.

That can be quite problematic, because many women Felt a too big penis rather smirkish.

17cm is so the ideal maize and vice versa in basket size BH are in something C or even D.

What is much more important than the penis size is the technique . When you're done under 5 minutes, your penis can be 25 cm and you will not make a woman happy.

A much bigger problem could meet you too. The larger the penis the more blood is requiredh To remain stiff. This is rarely a problem in a young age but if you get older this is always harder to achieve.

However, there are simple tricks as you can last longer without pills and thus this problem is solvable.

Tip: Work on the seduction, in the foreplay and sustainability then you have the potential to become a Don Juan.


Just wait for you to properly Cool girlfriend find - then you should see ...! ❤


hardly. What you have there is perfect.


Why should he grow? Many girls and women do not want giantending because they have pain. Be glad, big may have MEHR disadvantages as advantages. Maybe can not be really hard, and then he bends off. I have read that.

Penis growth?