Do you think the people are happier than we humans?

2021-08-26 23:10:47 MARY

And descending the trees was a mistake? What do you mean?

Monkey Life = Horny Life Choose 88%

Team Human Choose 12%


We are human beings. And it has the advantages and disadvantages. We are under performance and have literally the responsibility for the world. No other animal on this planet has these problems. For this you have to fight for your survival every day. We do not have to do that normally, at least not so extreme.


I imagine pretty relaxed. They do not have to worry about taxes or the like.


I think there are animals more and now living in here and now is less space for negative thoughts.


Not necessarily. The price of luck profound or even to learn only than most animals is concern for the future and the haNGE in the past.

The monkey has the luck in here and now to live the bad luck only in the here and now.


A person can A much fulfilling life leads as a monkey. He has many times more opportunities to make his life.

Do you think the people are happier than we humans?