Learn but still bad notes?

2021-08-27 00:03:21 MYRON

Hey guys I'm in the 8 class and learn a lot before an excence. I would even say that I always learn most of my friends but always the worst touch. I know Net more what I should do so slowly I ask myself if I'm doing anything to me or if I'm just stupid


notes are partly a gambling. This can have many reasons:

  1. YOU learn wrong
  2. You are not intelligent enough or the material is too heavy for you
  3. You have an unfair teacher ( Although the solutions of your friends checked with your results?)
  4. The specific topics are not you
  5. You need someone who explains the learning material correctly (tutoring)
  6. You are Too victorious and therefore write bad notes
  7. The misfortune draws you magically (sin committed?)
  8. You learn too little (can I not imagine after your contribution)
  9. You make heavy times
  10. You have my head where else
  11. You just haveInwardly no more buck on school, even if you do not show that through cocks or the like


It's not about how much you learn but like. I Mean, if you concentrate learn without distraction you can get better grades. But if you constantly distract yourself and you learn a lot of hours distracted, then bad notes come. I speak or write from experience. You just have to learn to learn. My girlfriend learns for a repeat test 20 min and then she also has mega good grades


can be just as well that you learn "wrong".


Hello Liski78,

What is your learning strategy, so how do you learn an exam?

Learn but still bad notes?