To the men?

2021-08-27 02:00:34 ELIJAH

If you like size or small boobs and why

small choose 57%

Gross Choose 43%


Since I'm not a man, I do not agree. Contrary to the general opinion, most men actually stand on smaller breasts (all to C baskets) on a slim body.

looks prettier and feminine, are more beautiful and hanging hanging around.


Great slopes in 10 years most likely felt on the ground ^^.

Small me much more. Of course, it is different and that is not a disrespect on women with big boobs.



Basically, the size is not a selection or decision criterion for me, but I have a preference for something smaller. Like it, if you are maximum "a handful" and often smaller something fEster, I like that too.


Medium and fixed but just not artificial, I race away.


Like 0 if hardly there is.

So B C is good

To the men?