German language in danger?

2021-08-27 02:01:38 ALVIN

Does a PRO and CONTRA arguments?


I could imagine a scenario, as German could disappear: by it, that it becomes more and more important to be good English, many could come to the idea, too with other German "to exercise "Taughture in English. So if the other agree, in the family e.g. If that would come in fashion and would take overhand, a great language like German could completely disappear. Maybe then only Schwyzerdütsch remained, as the Swiss are conservative and do not participate in any new fashion.


The German language is not a museal relic. Of course, she changes. Through foreign languages, by other life worlds. But that's very normal. The German of Walther von der VOgelheide is also another German than that of Goethe and another German, as that that we speak today. And it will be another German in 200 years.

I am currently reading a thriller that plays among others in the Amish community. The criminal officer used to be an Amish, but this community has left as young adults. But with the Amish people, she speaks in their language, with which she grew up. Since I read the thriller in English, it is quite interesting to read the old German - Palatinate, believe me - conversations. I can understand many things, but no longer all understand everything. Thank God, the English translation is always next to it. It often happens that I puzzle what the people now just say until I have the Englishe Translation and then understand the old German. "Oh, yes, well." The Americans call the language of Amish Pennsylvania Dutch, but it's an old German. I do not know how old it is. The German Amish People are emigrated when? At the time of the religious wars, I'll take on.


Pro: The language obviously changes.

Contra: The language change is not a threat but a chance.



Which arguments do you already have? We do not want to double!



The German language I see through the gender starch * interior sensing threatened. Including its speech deterring related things.

May this hungR fast forward.

Greeting, Earnest

German language in danger?