What is God?

2021-08-27 02:03:28 KATHRYN

Hello dear ones. I have no faith, because I've had too much suffering and grief for my view, as if a never seen being should have helped me only once.

I do not want to go into detail now. Can someone tell me how such a god shows himself? Maybe I just did not go exactly?


I have no faith, because I have my opinion too much suffering and behaved as if to have helped me any not never seen, even once.

We do not know why sometimes something happens in life. Maybe that's the reason: maybe you'll be better soon and then you can help other people who are in a similar situation as you. I once read by a person who was bullied as a child. He has surveyed for sure why that happens to him and why his wish that it stops did not come true. Today he is very opposed to bullying and has already helped many other people.

I am a Christian. God loves you. If you want to know a lot, what MiCh convinces that there is God, then you can e.g. Questions or go to my profile.


My view on God (Attention: Not religious or biblical):

I believe in one (God), the But for me, but not in the Bible or in religions can be found, the church leads me off and also the Bible is very questionable.

God is not a ruling judge or similar for me, he is much more love, goodness and warmth. When I think of God, I think of a very strong energy or a bright light. God shows each other everyone and everywhere. You have to understand that God is everything, he is, so to speak, life and no matter where you look, you see God.

That's all very difficult to understand, but for MicH is God everything and nothing, day and night, the evil and the good.

That you have experienced so much suffering and grief, I am very sorry. However, God is responsible for nothing. He punishes no people and does not suffer any suffering. He is a quiet observer and make us make us,

We create the suffering myself. We are on earth to gain experiences, the soul can only experience itself if she knows how to feel loss, fears and pain ...

Might want to write a lot more to it, that would be allowing for the framework.


I would say you have not been seriously looking for God.

I know that if you seriously and "desperate"God seeks to learn him and can have a relationship with him. I've done that over 40 years ago and have been saturated overately with experiences. I have experienced many healing wonders, financial care wonders and even a miracle regarding the weather. Also in relationships I was allowed to experience a real miracle.

Incidentally, Jesus has promised: "Seeks, and you will find. Kills and it will be opened and it will be opened."


Shares, if you do not Further further knows and you actually crash. But nevertheless, you keep an inner motivation that will survive the problems but do not know how this motivation comes from.


This is different and it shows up ACH not everyone. If there were in

What is God?