Why are we fighting against diseases?

2021-08-27 03:00:39 CANDACE

This is really stupid for most / probably all here stupidly stupid, but why people are blind to understand that we (my opinion) should not fight against diseases such as Corona or as cancer and so.

The reason?:

We humans are the worst being what the planet can come to face, that is all aware of all, instead of the Corona Pandemie as a "cleaning of the earth" and protection , bring out one vaccine, ensure that we are locked in ... In order to save man the worst beings before death.

We should see something like a chance, we will become more and more people in this world , in 10-20 years, most islands go under, there is war and conflicts overaLL but no people are too stupid to understand that Corona was something good, we could just live normally and who died of it, even if that sounds really hard but they should have died. From me, I also die but I think humanity really does not think further.
Instead, we will be attributable to ourselves and try to save what we destroy ourselves: people

That's exactly how I think of other diseases such as cancer or so

We have an overpopulation and that will Even worse, when all the islands go down in a couple of years and the inhabitants from where they have to lie differently

the earth will only go even brackets

But no most people are too stupid instead we lock ourselves a,Fault of us (have to pay back later) and have only more people

What do you say about it or can you understand my view in any way

Please do not have a Hate but remain objective

Thank you!


That is because of unfortunately a majority of humanity has a God complex. And many people are afraid of death.
Therefore, so many artificially get "life". For me, that's no life .. For me, the cruelty is done. I even refuse all life-keeping measures with me.


You probably change your opinion as soon as it's your own or about someone you love.



only 1x good question.

We fight GG. Diseases because we want to live people and the earth is through us broken, (wars, destruction of nature) and much more ..

Mfg Shakira1965


I think you shouldEscape you in therapeutic treatment.


,, Cleaning of the Earth "and Sanding

Nature is not intelligent and does not think, certainly not viruses. There is no one who wants to "cleanse" the earth. That corona has surfaced has only one reason: coincidence.

We also have the same need as all other living things as living beings. Humanity would never have existed so long if she had not fought survival.

Why are we fighting against diseases?