Crush on former teacher. What to do?

2021-08-27 05:03:42 DERRICK

Good evening,

So I am currently 15 years old. Last school year I had a math teacher (25 years) that I was really very attractive. But now he is not a teacher more at the school. I do not really know what to do, because I really like him. Since he is no longer a teacher from me is likely to speak of the legal side actually nothing more on mind. Nevertheless, however, I know that he was my teacher. Should I not tell him or should I write an e-mail? I really have no idea what to do.

Thank you for your answers


You are only 15. Whether he will get involved with you, can be doubted. Did he send you signals or is your enthusiasm unilateral?


I can understand you completely. I had something similar. Honestly, just write him a mail. You can not lose anything! :)


Write him an e-mail, then you feel better. But calculate that he has no interest. On the one hand, because you are very much younger. And on the other, because you are a former student. Clearly, legal is harmless. But on the one hand, it can lead to labor law reprisals, if that is rumming and on the other, he will be well received in family and circle of friendsOmas.


Forget him - you're 15 and he's okay?

Crush on former teacher. What to do?