Should the military service from the Basic Law be deleted?

2021-08-27 05:09:40 FERNANDO

Parties like the FDP demand that. Also with justification.

No Choose 61%

Yes Choose 39%


unsafe. On the one hand yes, since we have no longer have any longer, and hopefully do not need more. On the other hand you never know. But I would definitely change the article so that not only men have to defend or civil service, because that is really no longer contemporary.


This is word clubby, because In the case of a defensive case, a mobilization of the intended vintages is common, compulsory military service.


The current political situation makes a compulsory militarily seem nonsensical, but that does not mean that always has to stay like that.

Currently the NATO works reasonably, Currently, the EU is largely together, but I thinkthat the past 4 years under Mr. Trump in the US, as well as the Brexit should also be tired that this does not necessarily have to be made for the sightedness and may come through the day we can not rely on these mechanisms and partners Can.

I do not want to hope that, but as long as we have no common European Army and the Union have transferred to a federal state, that can also fly apart and then we need a defense legislation.

I am supposed to be exposed to it and to re-work in terms of content that in the future it concerns everyone in the future, and not just the guys to create cursiveness at this point.

But that's all I am want to change it. ButE Completely deleted from the constitution and not retain them as a contingent action in the hindquarters, speaks in my eyes so at all nothing.

In principle, we should also remember that under democratic aspects, a military liability army endangeres much less is, as an associated professional army, whose loyalty is mainly applicable to his payman.

Maybe we must sometime clean our military or it becomes necessary to brake certain personalities within the military with regard to any power-polished ambitions.

Even then, a military constitution is not the traffic testing.

The FDP is always very fast backing measures removing and sewing everything as far as possible on edge to wooln.

Especially the last 5-6 years with the refugee problem, the pandemic, now the flood and the Afghanistan debacle should also remind us that reserves and a "plan b", so unmodern are not and may be healing effect.


This is MMN unnecessary, or not useful!

The conscription is exposed and that is given the situation and births Also useful.

But it can also occur a different situation and make a common controversy.

Why should one always change the Basic Law?


If already needed military, then I hold a good "mixing" of it for the better way.

Should the military service from the Basic Law be deleted?