Depression and clinic?

2021-08-27 05:11:28 KELVIN

Hello people,

Does a clinic really help with depression?

And is it actually easy to be a time?

It's about my health!



I think it's pretty much on which clinic man is and how strong the depression is or which "kind" of depression it is and no it does not have to be embarrassed to you if you do not have to be embarrassed A long time away is because if you feel sick Andre need to accept the


Not everyone helps a clinic stay. Whether he makes sense for you or what expectations you can have on it, you should discuss with your attending physician / therapist.

And no, it is not embarrassed to go in medical treatment when promising to improve. You do something for you and your health. That's brave and important!


I think it helps. Know 2 people who are longerTime in the clinic were due to depression. And yes, people talk .. But no one knows yes, where you were, if you do not tell. But ultimately it does not have to be embarrassing. You can not do anything when you have depression. It is a disease. You do not have to be ashamed for that. Do what is good for your health!


Have you already talked to a psychiatrist? Much can also be treated outpatient



and no, it is not embarrassing.

also gives day clinics.

Depression and clinic?