Is Jesus God?

2021-08-27 06:02:50 GORDON

Many say Jesus would be God. Can tell me that someone. How can he be son of God and God himself?


The son manifests the father (= the highest). That you find mutatis mutandis e.g. In Colossians, Chapter 1:

This is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn, which is above all creation. Because in him everything has been created, what is in heaven and what on earth, the visible and the invisible, be it throne or rule or principal or forces: everything is created by him and for him; Because it liked [God] to live in him all abundance Colossians 1: 15-16, 19

What other than God himself can be the Son of God, that if you Looks him, God / father sees (John 14: 9)?

That's why the Bible says that Jesus is truly this God (John 5:20)

I care for recourseG (by prayer) to both. Also so that I honor the son, like the father (John 5:23). Of course, I also pray directly to the Holy Spirit, in Master Time I take him without worshiped him as my companion, teacher and God, without having to appreciate him less.

No matter who bet, the prayer always goes to all three (trinity).

I find this genuine picture in contrast to the God's image of monotheistic religions in the positive sense, especially because it represents God in itself as a community system. God is still one for me. A God, which expresses itself as a community by three "persons".


It is important to understand the trinity (trinity) of God: God as a father, SOhn (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit (God as 3 persons and yet one; So Christians believe in a single God).

You may be able to compare this with three circles that overlap in the middle. There are three circles, but they belong to an overall picture. Or with water in its aggregate states: water fluid, as ice or as a steam and nevertheless water. These examples are quite insufficiently explained and with our limited human mind, which means trinity (trinity). But maybe that helps you to imagine that God is the same: Father, son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit, so three people and yet one (ie a God)!

That Jesus is God, occupy Z . B. The following Bible locations:

- The Johannes-EVangelium begins z. B. with that Jesus was from the beginning with God and that everything was created by him!

John 1,1-3: "In the beginning was the word *, and the word was with God, and the word was God. This was in the beginning with God. Everything was created by the same; and without the same is not one created, which has arisen. " ["The word" (Gr. Logos) is a name of the Lord Jesus Christ (see 1JOH 1.1; Rev 19:13) .]

- in

1 . John 5,20 is: "But we know that the Son of God has come and gave us understanding so that we recognize the true one. And we are in the true, in his son of Jesus Christ. This is the true God and eternal life. "


Titus 2:13: " By we luckyhope and the appearance of the glory of the great God and our savior of Jesus Christ. "


2. Peter 1.1 :" Simon Peter, servant and apostle of Jesus Christ, to the who received the same precious faith as we received to the righteousness of our God and savior Jesus Christ. "


Colossians 2.9 :" Because in it, the whole abundance of the deity lives dramatically . "

- In the Book of Jesaya, God is called Alpha and Omega. This designation also uses Jesus for itself (

Revelation 22:13 ).

- in

Isaiah 9.5 If the Promised Messiah is described as follows: "Because a child was born us, a son given us; And the rule rests on his shoulder; And one calls his name: WoundCable, adviser, strong God, eternal-father, peaceborne ".

- In the book Sachara, God talks about his own crucifixion:" But about the house David and about the inhabitants of Jerusalem I want the spirit of grace and pouring out of the prayer, and they will see on me they have pierced, yes, they will complain around him, as you succeed around the natives [son], and they will be bitterly wearing over him how to wear bitterly about the Firstborn "

(Sakhara 12:10).

- The Prophet Micha predicted about Jesus:" And you, Bethlehem-Ephra, you are low among the main locations of Judah; But from you, I should come up with the ruler about Israel, whose emerging from the beginning, has been from the days of eternity. "The BezEichtung "from the beginning, from the days of eternity" can only be relate to God.

- in

Proverbs 30.4 Does it say: "Who set up all ends of the earth? What is his name and what is the name of his son? Do you know that? "

- The Younger Thomas says Jesus:" My Lord and God! " And Jesus does not contradict him

(John 20:28-29).

- Only God may be worshiped in the Bible. In several places, the angels and apostles refuse people to worship them and refer to that only God alone is allowed to be worshiped. In the act of apostles, revelation and other biblical books, Jesus receives worship in many places.

Those and many other examples see that the Bible teaches thatJesus Christ is God. This is also the core of the Christian message that God himself became human, a completely sinless life led and therefore as a pure immaculate sacrificial lamb (as Paul formulated) could die deputy for our sins. We only need to believe and to use Jesus victims on the cross for us by asking for forgiveness of our sins. Since Jesus is God, the way to him (and thus for eternal life with God) has become so simple and open.


Yes and No.

Yes: Psalm 45: 7-8: "God, your throne has existed forever! / Your scepter is justice. You love the right; all godlessness is hated you. /

That's why it has you God, your God anointed with the oil of joy / like none of the Anddewith you. "


Philiper 2; 5 For her should be so mind as Christ Jesus was, 6

that when he was in the figure of God not held it like a robbery to be equal to God; 7 but he devoted himself, took the figure of a servant and became like the people; ........

No : Jesus is not the highest God. This is only God's father. There are several places where Jesus sits to the right of the father, but never vice versa, or that the father is sitting on the left of Jesus.

That's what God father , is the highest God. Jesus is directly subordinate to the Father. But both of them are of the same beings, there are no conflicts or contradictions between them.

Your question has your origin in question: "Was Jesus God orMan when he lived in this world? "


I can only recommend a video of BibleProject:

Since God himself is supernatural And we are created as natural beings, a comprehensive understanding of relationships between supernatural beings is not to be expected.

We may accept it as a fact and if God allows us to see and understand it in this concrete moment accept for us. (The prophets have been allowed to see pretty crazy things in visions. See eg Hesekiel 1:14: "The living beings but ran back and forth, so that it looked like lightning.")

We can Also very attentive 2. Moses 3 or judge 6: 11-24 Read and realize that "the angel of the Lord" and "God" with GrOverlaps for the speaker roll is used. God also exceeds our imagination in the Old Testament.

Is Jesus God?