Can you pull with Hartz on an island?

2021-08-27 07:04:46 SARA

A colleague is on Hartz4 and would like to be on an island so that he has peace. He does not want to do much with people or crowds, wants to enjoy the silence etc.

He chose the island of Neuwerk as a destination. It is located in the Wadden Sea, about 10km from Cuxhaven. The island itself but belongs to Hamburg (at 150km away) and has so far I got just something Ü 20 inhabitants.

He thinks he does not have to go to any talks to the office, certainly not Hamburg. No vacancies, etc., because of the island is not simply as possible, just at low tide and then only if the water points in the watt are not too deep.

could be his plan? He would be very unattractive by the situation aloneR Employers I think and if he had to go to Hamburg to the office, he will get yes fair ... which would not be little. He could be legally certainly where he wants or?


You have to pay him there for yourself. And somehow the island gets her goods, I do not believe that they are completely supplied.


Then the payments are set at total denial


No, his plan can not rise. First of all, his move must be approved by the current job center, but he will only, if he has a job offer at the new place of residence, has increased its rent and is now over the mirror of the JC, the apartment has been terminated due to self-needed or is uninhabitable.

Now accepted, the JC approves the move, he finds a new apartment and pulls around. How does he deny his livelihood and his rent? Exactly, againFrom the JC and that, no matter where you live placement suggestions, makes appointments regularly, and wants to continue to have the WBA every six months.


I do not think the couple people think about Island such a case at all.
In this respect, such a plan can not rise.

Can you pull with Hartz on an island?