How do I borb anyone?

2021-08-27 10:01:12 JEROME

Hi I have contact with a boy and he is really nice and cool. The problem is that he is very funny to me and make / meet every evening with me / meeting, etc. Slowly I'll be a bit too much and it will try to me very uncomfortably especially with his flirting. But I do not know how I can signal him because I'm really very shy and with so stuff just not got my mouth. In addition, I do not want to hurt him or of our friendship.


The most honest thing is always away, say to him that everything will be too much. And also that you have no closer intentions, appreciate him as a friend.

All the best for you


Just ask me: Do you love me?
On the usually the following prints and stamens you can simply drop that you prefer to keep him as a buddy, and not more. Opportunities are still high that he still tries to get the contact. If the former occurs: more direkt:
"I do not want that"
"Let that be"
"I feel bothered by it"
"I already have a friend"


The "careful" variant would be if you like him with any gelTo tell times you would like to do something from another boy. He should be clear to him that you only have a friendly interest for him.


Be honest and write him

How do I borb anyone?