May the employer forcing a vaccine?

2021-08-27 12:02:41 KRISTA

Is the employer forcing one to vaccine? It came out a letter where there is one you have to vaccinate or you have to be tested every day and this time is not paid. Espy the employer then wants to distribute warning because the refusal of refusal when you do not have to test in time where you do not have to be at work may that just force people to vaccinate?


Of course, he must neither require vaccination nor restrictive test practice.

Since not even all nurses, let alone physicians are vaccinated directly at the front, you can certainly imagine how far it is with the announcement of your employer.

void, in all matters.

Since he has no right to request information, even less a proof, you can lie legally clean.

Should he terminate, a dismissal protection claim is always successful.


My knowledge may not even ask the employer to ask whether one was vaccinated or should one say the untruth. In any case, it says our works council.

This fact can I understand, am allerGS also stretched, as this is in line with the obligation of the employer and the interests of the other workers.

I have a colleague who wants and will probably not be vaccinated, and now no one wants one more Office with her parts ...