Can you hear this song in sex? (Ponny)?

2021-08-27 12:03:37 SANDY

Do you think you can hear this song in sexual intercourse with a hot woman who may also be satisfied in the riding position? The song is very well known and in Germany he was called millions of boys and girls, thank you.

I ask for a friend who has said that he would like to hear that with his girlfriend guys.

What do you all mean? Is that good for a fine sexual intercourse with his girlfriend? Or rather unsuitable and bad: /?


Here is the song:

Not so mine :( Choose 58%

Very good oha. Choose 33%

is completely oke;) Yiha Choose 8%


A lyrical masterpiece.


I would be gone. The content is pretty refractive rim ... and the voice of the guy too.


He should ask his girlfriend, I do not know your music taste.

I myself find the terrible!


So if the woman should disturb the song, the guy must be really bad in bed.

Because actually one is because ... distracted


I have "Money) as Johnny (like Johnny)
Little B * Tch ( tch, tch, tch, tch) is my pony (yeehaw, uh, ah)
She makes sports, yes, she has good KONDI (good Ko -)
Little B * Tch rides like a pony (yeehaw)

Can you hear this song in sex? (Ponny)?