Sex identity, non-binary, gender fluid, cisgender?

2021-08-27 15:02:46 JOEL

I really feel relatively well with my biological gender. I was born as a girl and that's okay for me.

Sometimes I ask, but I'm rather non-binary or gender fluid. I feel like I said relatively well but I often think and for some time I'm not more sciing.

I have relatively small breasts, still feel something uncomfortable if you see the outlines with my tshirt and also pull on relatively wide tshirts. Generally, I draw myself very masculine and find much more beautiful things in the boys department than in the girls department. I was also confused more often as a boy because I have short hair. I've been pretty embarrassed at first and sometimes still but I do not know if it isThere is usually my parents or other people whom I know are and I have never addressed the subject somewhere. You have to say, maybe I prefer relatively masculine because I'm lesbian. But even when I was small, I sometimes counted myself more to the boys and have more like that. I have never liked wearing the skirts.

But I am completely satisfied with my sexes. Except the thing with my breasts, otherwise I feel so totally well. But I've recently seen a picture where my waist was stressed a bit and I found that I did not look nice or wanted to delete the picture. At the same time I feel uncomfortable if my pants are so arched and looked like as if I hadbecause what.

I think the thought of Androgynie also Nice and the thought as not feminine and not male overcome me too.

Have already made several quizzes and I did not have the thoughts for many months but have been as far as I know. Have already thought about She / They or They / Them pronouns but also do not feel 100% well.

Does anyone have experiences or an idea as I can find out and with it better?


Does it feel correct and git, if you sign up as a non-binary? Or use another label? Non-binary or even gender fluid is more of a spectrum, and I think it's a lot of drum, whether one feels comfortable with the terms. I'm not an expert in the area, but if you do not see yourself as a woman and as a man, no matter how weak, non-binary is a good definition, I think.

Therefore, if You feel well with one of the two terms, you can also use it legitimate.


I treat myself very masculine


Except The thing with my breasts

This also has some CIS women

have never liked dresses the RGifts worn.


I may also take me relatively masculine because I'm lesbian.

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As not feminine and not male overcome



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I'm born as a girl and that is okay for me.

Well then. I advise Tomboy, who sometimes wants to work androgyn: So nothing out of the letter soup.

Sex identity, non-binary, gender fluid, cisgender?