In which fairy tale does someone get lost in the fog?

2021-08-27 18:01:04 KARI

I'm looking for fairy tales in which someone gets lost in the fog or Walking through the fog . Unfortunately, I do not notice me; Little Red Riding Hood and Hänsel and Gretel Irrren by the forest, but if I remember quite, there is no fog ...


If it helps, I can explain it very well: I am currently analyzing the movie Life is beautiful and must look out fairytale elements. At one point, the protagonist moves through the fog at night (although nothing else is there and it would not be logical to see fog there), which meets me very fairytale and I would like to take it as a fairytale element.

But of course I also have to call fairy tales in which something happens, otherwise I can not prove my statement, "by the fog misty" a fairy tale element, do not prove.


Bergkristall (Adalbert Stifter ) - Although there is no fog, but snow drive is also water and is good.


No classic fairy tale: Ronja robbery daughter.


is not the fairy tale Wit Jorindel, which gets lost, but I do not know it exactly.


Know only one poem where fog briefly plays a role Erlkönig

In which fairy tale does someone get lost in the fog?