Could you imagine a life without an internet?

2021-08-27 18:02:02 MICHELE

Absolut yes Choose 59%

Absolutely not Choose 41%


Safe. I am still out of the generation that actually raised without internet. The whole thing came only when I was about 20. I had until I was 19 was not a cell phone because it has been priceless


I grew up in a world without internet - was nice! : -)
My parents are old! And advise! Right ... they have no internet and have never had internet and are happy and satisfied! : -)


I could not miss. There is much more easily simpler.


I still witness the time without internet for anyone. Information exchange was just a bit more viscous and decelerated. But it went like this.


FRThore, it was better ... but I could not separate. But without internet it is better ...

Could you imagine a life without an internet?