Up to what age may Maine Coon cats be covered?

2021-08-27 18:04:00 MINDY

My great Maine Coon is rolling and my biggest desire was always a baby from her !!! But now she is no longer the youngest and I do not know if it would be a risk for the cat if she with the Age (ca9 years) is still covered !!!


For a first litter she is too old! And since you are not a breeder with knowledge and experience, you should refrain from such propagators.

Such a pregnancy, the birth and the rearing of the kittens carries many dangers for the cat's mother, which can even be letharty ,

And in such a high age, it can even be assumed that it will be life-threatening.


It is way too old for that! If she has never been covered, the risk is also great that morbid changes at the reproductive bodies, which would have avoided a castration.

How did you endure it as long as a rolling cat and again?


Breeding cats areEN at about 1-1.5 years covered for the first time and castrated at about 6-7 years.

At a 9-year-old lady, I wonder if she can still start something with a scary pile of kittens.



Apart from that, that it is morally crowed very strong, cats to multiply your cat is too old for that! It is also bad that you still have not been castrated at 9 years, as it can have a very bad episode for the poor cat!


Hello Tamarakyara

1) Doubt the question:

HTTPS: // WWW. goodefrage.net/page/bis-zu-welchem-ätwicherfen-maine-coon-webchen-babys-coN#ANSWER-415179105

2) I already explain everything to yout and that the cat is too old at 9 years !!

Why do you want to cover a 9 year old cat? Just because you always wanted to have a "baby" from your cat? That's pretty selfish.

In addition, you are not breeder, so fingers away. In the worst case, there would be complications, as your cat is too old, which bring the kittens and the cat nut in mortal danger and in the end you have no cat anymore. Is it really worth it ? Why did not the cat have been castrated? A scollery is not fun for cats, if yours is not already sustainable and with age you should have a desire to look very urgently, whether healthy everything is ok. Because such an old, uncastrated cat has a very high risk of breast cancer,Hormone-related damage to bone marrow or other organs by ovarian cysts or e.g. a life-threatening uterine disease to the uterine dispute. And you want to be really covered again? WOW.

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Up to what age may Maine Coon cats be covered?