I hate my body ... What's going on?

2021-08-27 19:01:22 SHAUN

I feel so funny since puberty started right. So since me hair with the legs, the intimate area and this beard grows on the face. I just hate you so much.
My sex organ. Not because "he" is not long enough or something like that. That itches me a Sch ** SS. I just hate him. I do not want him. Why? Why do I have to do the thing? It annoys and I'm ashamed of it, especially if you pull the "impression" through the pants. Therefore, I always carry long tops, I just feel good in it.

I do not trust myself anymore, short pants or T-shirts. It's so extremely embarrassing when someone sees my body hair, even if it's just my family. I will then really angry and inside I build an extRben hatred against me.
That happens even if I'm alone on the toilet, then I get such a rage. I could shave, but somehow ... Oh, I do not know. My father would ask me "Have you shaved?" And it would be so embarrassing. I hate talking about my body.

When I go out, I always try to hide clothes (long pants, sweater / long sleeves). I feel good in it, if no one sees my body, and if I can not wear long clothes / or wear a T-shirt, "Press" I covers my upper body along with the shirt as much as possible from my arms.

I do not swim anymore, now for about 1 year because of my body. I feel so unprotected and exposed when I bathedPants / General Short pants attach. I'm extremely scared again, what should I do if we have a pelinal swim course at school? That will be so bad. I can not think about it.

Sometimes, if I hear my voice (my is already pretty deep), this hate feeling occurs. When I'm alone, I always whisper with me so I do not have to hear my deep voice.

What's up with me?


You see the whole thing from the perspective of a child, which grew up yesterday carefree and without eroticism. Everything was easy and you grew, but otherwise only changed slowly in the optics.

Now you are standing towards a change that you can start in kind from childlike point of view.

That's the way it goes many, especially girls who have the first time painfully their days who have never been so blushed.

You must at once buy bras, bind, tampons, etc.

The sex drive is very bumpy and shame up, you do not know how to dress, go, stand and give.

That is so completely different than childhood.

Now go mentally a few years further andImagine that you are an adult. Would the hair and the beard be embarrassing? No!

About your sexual part you will be happy in some time and determine that you enjoy a lot of pleasure.

Only now maybe not.

Attempts to view the normal than normal. Just as the hair is worried now, a 40-year-old man worries about the starting bald and a 50-year-old woman around her wrinkles.

Take it as a running of things.

It will not be embarrassing soon and then you're glad if you look male.


to be unhappy with your own body is a good path in mental problems.
Maybe you should look for help.
or yoursAngle attempts to change.
If your body is healthy, you have something like that many people like.

Somehow it feels funny to give you the advice, whether you like a transperson, "in the wrong Body "is plugged.
I do not know how a transmam thinks about the body and compare that with your feelings.
That's something you have to find out for you alone.


Just make what you think right now. This phase is normal, but will be over sometime! I am a girl but I used to have often problems with my body. So think that others are like that. Nobody is perfect and always satisfied with his body. But this change has to be. If you areWant to shave, then do it! Your father will definitely do it and do not question you.


This lies in the normal bandwidth of the feelings at puberty.

The body changes quite quickly and so much that one with its own body image, or the own, educated identity is not afterwards.


Was with me too, but I simply race all hair but head hair! And fortunately, I have no beard.

I hate my body ... What's going on?