My mother forbids me to sleep somewhere else. What to do?

2021-08-27 19:02:09 MILDRED


So I do not know what to do I'm already 17 (6 months 18) And my mother has not allowed me to sleep with my friend or friends for a month. And if I'm constantly looking for a way for us both, she snaps completely and says whenever I am 18 and still under her roof I have to follow her rules if I want it or not.

What should I do please help me


I'm afraid that your mother has good reason to put you to the short leash. Think about what you do for the moment for the school or what you are doing at home in the household or whether you are not exactly more important than your school and domestic commitments.

I have experienced that from my parents so and so I also passed that my children that freedoms are always possible when they are balanced by responsibility.

Only Fun does not work. There must also be a bit of something.


If you are 18, she can not forbid it to you, because then you grow up.

She can say how it is at home, but what your life is concerned, she has RAUS


Have patience until you are 18 and then you may decide yourself before

My mother forbids me to sleep somewhere else. What to do?