2021-08-27 21:01:04 HAZEL

What are so much convincing you that your faith is right?


I do not know if it's the right one. However, I believe that it's the best for me. And it's definitely the best I know.


I do not assume that there is a "right" or even "true" faith.

There is a pair of beliefs that I find pretty nice (I do not find the most directions) and I can also accept.

Accept (I would not talk about convincing) I can most likely be a faith in the belief in which other beliefs are considered equivalent.

When someone is convinced of his own religion, but it does not assume that all other people who have a different faith inLanding hell, then I can find that good.

If someone assumes that all people who do not belong to their own faith are threatened by hellish punishments, I can certainly not accept that. Do not even tolerate.

Unfortunately, a truth-fanaticism, especially in Islam, is still widespread.


I do not think it's a real religion. It's enough even if you are for the one who believes in it.


I do not know that my religion is right, nobody knows that even if some occur.

I believe in the Zoroastrimus because I personally completely independent of the right of belief, the religious phiLosophie of the Zoroastrimus for extremely meaningful and helped me in some difficult phases of my life.

Of course, despite everything I really lying with my religion, but even if I have not wasted no second of my life.


I am a Christian, and have reasons Arguments to believe in Christianity. I also dealt with other religions and accordingly considered to change possibly. But then I found things that have convinced me of Christianity and thus remained with my religion.

I believe in God, I am a Christian.

I believe that this world is thought through and thought through this world was planned, I do not think the earth "just so"Andes is. Also, there is the opinion that an intervention of God is needed for the big bang.

There are also wonders examined by doctors. If there is no scientific explanation, why a human became healthy, then the miracle is also confirmed. The doctors do not always know that their investigations are for the church.

I also believe in a life after death. You can search on the Internet for "girl encountered Jesus" (without quotation marks). These are reasons to believe in God and a life after death.

I have also experienced things that have strengthened my faith.