What do you think of the theory, Corona deniers develop into chronic denials, wh

2021-08-27 21:04:11 ISABEL

So from many Corona deniers, climate change leaners, denial of uncomfortable historical truths, etc.

Everything in some way is an uncomfortable truth or disturbing life or ugly is denied.

In this way, you can easily displace everything until life is really nice again.

Here the website that says:



This theory stands on the head.

Because Corona-denier recruites again from people who tend to just extend unpleasant things, as small children hold their eyes if they are tired of the misery of the world.


Our company is very strongly cleaved or polarized by the attitude to Corona.

You are on the page that welcomes all measures. The other side is suspicious and may not subjugate unproven slogans.

Extreme, no matter on which side, I'll leave outside.

Of course, none of the two poles has 100% right or wrong, Because to prove the many "truths" is the topic much too complex.

That's why I do not think anythingFrom this to prompt every behavior and to denigrate people who think differently than the mainstream.


does not have to be. However, I have just talked to my former vending, so a woman with academic education. She told me that her wool wool, because Germany had become a dictatorship. Keyword: test duty, mask obligation, vaccination and so on.

Well, I'm not unerring that I have a different thing for a long time.


I call the An idea. The word theory seems to me something too high for me. If something should be on the idea, I think the knowledge gain lying therein for modestly.

That denies what others hold for true is an generalHuman human spirit. Everyone denies one or the other. All societies, governments, peoples, generations deny more or less chronically anything that would be unrecognizable to them.

Psychology does not investigate the topic not only recently. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Lightening

An example: The Federal Republic of Germany denied for a long time that German colonial troops in today's Namibia Engineering had committed. "Coronaleighing", "lateral thinkers" or "alühüte" were not involved in this denial. The German state simply screamed the consequences that would have an end to the denomination. Only from 2015 the genocide of official places was gradually recognized.In May 2021, suddenly it was very fast: Substantial compensation sums were promised.

My idea for this: That the People's Republic of China in Africa now invests so much money, it is likely to help in overcoming the denomination and the knob. Of course, I make myself to the denier: namely to the denial of pure truthfulness or purely humanitarian and western-value-appraisal motives behind this now determined to meet.



Yes, that will be in some of the case. I also watch that with known from me.

They radically radicalize. It is now not only more "a Meinung "or a" personal feeling ". It has become a life for you. A principle question.


What do you think of the theory, Corona deniers develop into chronic denials, which deny everything else, which represents an uncomfortable truth?