Why is the AFD popular with young people?

2021-08-27 22:03:01 SOPHIA

One could be rather thinking that only old people choose AfD but is not true at all.


  Based on the age groups, the AFD is most successful in the middle vintages of between 35 and 59-year-olds, where they reached a good 15 percent. In the recent (18 to 24) and oldest group (over 70 years), on the other hand, with 8 percent, it is significantly worse (numbers of representative electoral statistics).  

Source: HTTPS: / /www.bpb.de/politik/bundfriendship/parteins-in-deutschland/afd/273131/blot results-und-waogerschaft


Why is the AFD in young East Germans Popular?

AfD redirects young voters

The AFD was also the only party that has made the effort to make first voters in the state capital Magdeburg a personal letter before the election



Because the scattering width is greater in young people. With the elderly, many of the habit choose the CDU. For the younger people, the votes are more distributed.


Seen psychologically: because it is a counterpoint.

The ruling parties (including the once ore-conservative CDU) So far to the left moves that many wish for a countermovement to gender language and Co.


How do you come to the sensitive statement? According to the last larger survey, the teens only attracts 6% ...

and would have been given in the light of the fault tolerance of such surveysTrouble to recover in the Bundestag.

https://www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/innage-unter-jungwaehlern-union-staerkste-part-a-31a7ad7b-838a- 4D6E-81B4-46007251156F

Why is the AFD popular with young people?