Purse found personally or to the police?

2021-08-27 22:06:36 CHRISTOPHER

Good day,

There is his identity card in it, because there is the address above.

Should I bring him personally? Because there are all his important cards in it.

Or should I bring that to the police? What is smarter


Hello, Redbull174!

That's bad for the person, but beautiful when the purse is found by an honest person.

Maybe an address is included, or you will find a phone number in the purse, since you could make a meeting.

The person is pleased to be huge.

If that does not fit everything, then I would give the purse on the police or lost property, if available.

A great attitude of you, that would not do anyone.

With love greetings, Renate.


is also a telephone number?

Then I would call!

I also had the case Once, there was a teen girl extremely grateful for that, her puppyL again.

By phone I landed at her mother, but it was already informed. Picked up the purse then the girl at my job.

Of course you can also give it on the lost property office! It is there.


Personal is better because the police are not processed quickly and you could get Finderhohn so personally


Pass If it is feasible from the distance


Call on the loser and let you get!

Purse found personally or to the police?