Would you marry another religion?

2021-08-27 23:02:18 AMANDA


So I respect every religion, but would never marry another one.

or allow it to my children.


No . In principle, I would not respond to a solid relationship with religious people.


No, by no means. The problems are already preprogrammed:

  • Baptism of children
  • Education
  • Church Visits
  • pray several times a day
  • Missionization attempts The partner

the children would and could not ban it. But I would try to try and point out the problems.


If you mean by that I would marry a man who is not Christian, whetherl I am Christian, then my answer is no.

I find in a relationship / marriage it is important that you have the same religion so you can exchange and support yourself, and that, in some places, it is also difficult if you have different religions, eg. At the children's education and the table requirements etc.

(Bin W / 14 and Vllt changes my opinion until I marry)


Would you marry another religion?

I did not know that you can marry a religion.

But a woman who belongs to another religion, I would of course marry. Because if I love them, I love them with this of their religiosity.

If you do not realize that IDo not follow the same religion, there would be no question about marriage.

So I respect every religion, but would never marry another.

Nice Oxymoron.

Or allow my children.

Well, what lucky your children are not tied to your xenophobia.


A religion should be hard to marry. I think you mean a person with another religion. I imagine that I am absolutely not religious and do not want to have nothing to do with faith. As long as the person is completely resting alone and keeps away from the children's education, it would be possible.

Or allow my children
Then they can not go to me anymoreUS

Do you seriously believe that your children are still dependent on Papis opinion or permission? If you want to lose contact with your children due to your negative attitude, please.

Would you marry another religion?