American schools - chargeable?

2021-08-28 01:03:11 ISMAEL

I've read haunted how Americans have wondered in Germany that the schools are completely free, but it is chargeable as an American to a BSP. High school to go. I thought that would be free or just school visit (apart from books ...).

If it is actually so in which price framework is that, so not as an exchange student but really as Americans who lives there?


The vast majorary schools are also free in the US, but there are Natl. Even private schools!

are meant more colleges and universities, with concerns that the costs in the US is almost all inclusive! Especially accommodation, food, books (?) ...

In D, studying costs little, but you have to take care of eating, accommodation and learning material yourself! If you live on the parents, you can get the very reasonably priced ... If you do not live at the home location, you also have high costs, but you just do not have to put on the table immediately!


We say so: There are public schools that are free. But those are not too good qualitatively. Really good schools are usually which, forwhich then has to be paid accordingly.

With us, however, the state schools for which one has to pay nothing, a comparatively very high level.

Strictly speaking, the one who now necessarily raised the finger would like to raise the finger saying 'Moment times, we pay all taxes' and yes, there are also schools financed, but that's pretty small in my eyes. It is clear from the question that it is about concrete posts or school fees (which one can also pay in Germany ... according to private schools).

In the US, however, as probably everywhere, so Pretty open end, as far as the school fees are concerned. Depending on the quality of the school, there can be a lot together and it usually does not remainin pure tuition.


As far as I know there is the stately schools that are free, but they are not very good.

The better schools, are located in private hands, offer more opportunities and are also in the "better" neighborhoods of the cities, but the cost then stops properly what.


Must I have to pay contributions because this is only part of the taxes. The college you have to pay completely alone.


In America there are more paid private courses that are better equipped to have a better reputation and therefore promise more success in applications to universities.

American schools - chargeable?